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Especially for Sports clubs, member recruitment, fan education, and support is a central task in public relations. Members and fans have become more demanding, demand more attention, the sustainability of actions, basic social aspects, and thus increase the high level of emotion in this area. “FitCoin Ecosystems” supports them, connects and encourages members and fans, facilitates communication, and can become an essential part of their public relations efforts. Move, have fun, gamification models, direct communication, and their individualized thank your catalog. Play, have fun again and win fans – we support you.

Make use of the possibilities.
Here is a small selection of ideas,
which FitCoin Ecosystems and clubs have already successfully launched:

  • Fan rallies with QR codes have already been organized.
  • Fan and members exchange and offer their know-how and thus create a connecting, own ecosystem cycle.
  • Whole movements were created, like jogging with people in wheelchairs, where both sides got their FitCoins. They thus attracted international attention.
  • What about a competition between athletes/ club members and fans? It increases motivation and promotes togetherness – this has already been successfully tested.
  • With FitCoins, exciting training courses have already been supported.
  • FitCoins has already been very successful in creating motivation to participate in club activities – use this variant!
  • Gamification: Take advantage of this opportunity by initiating playful competitions, different teams, and partners, use our app as you like, use QR and barcodes and involve people, let them participate.
  • Cooperation with municipalities, companies, the tourism regions, partner & project companies, or regional companies for the catalog.
  • There are already very successful links, connect the public FitCoin Ecosystem of the city, community, region, the tourism ecosystem, with your association to create regional awareness, and generate added value.
  • Take advantage of very special offers for attention through our main catalog, or make a great offer for ALL, reward your fans and recruit members.
  • And much more. We inform them about innovations, exciting ideas, and great implementations via the monthly newsletter, so they can be continuously inspired.

Have you successfully implemented any FitCoin ideas you'd like us to know about, or have suggestions you'd like to share?
We are happy about their stories!

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Was bedeutet ISO 27001

ISO 27001 hilft dabei, ein Managementsystem für die Informationssicherheit einzurichten. Das Zertifikat gibt Ihnen die Gewissheit, dass wir Wert auf den Schutz der Privatsphäre legen und (persönliche) Daten mit Sorgfalt behandeln. Die Grundlage des Managementsystems ist eine Analyse der Risiken, die unsere Organisation im Hinblick auf Informationen eingeht. Um diese Risiken zu kontrollieren, wurden Maßnahmen entwickelt. Diese sind in ISO 27002 beschrieben und als Anhang in ISO 27001 enthalten.

Die insgesamt 114 Kontrollmaßnahmen sind nach Themen (z. B. Zugang, Kommunikation, Entwicklung) in 14 Kapitel untergliedert. Die Anforderung an dieses Managementsystem besteht darin, dass die Kontrollmaßnahmen mit den ermittelten Risiken in Einklang stehen.



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What does ISO 27001 mean

ISO 27001 helps to establish a management system for information security. The certificate gives you the assurance that we value privacy and treat (personal) data with care. The basis of the management system is an analysis of the risks our organization faces regarding information. Measures have been developed to control these risks. These are described in ISO 27002 and included as an annex in ISO 27001.

The total of 114 control measures are divided into 14 chapters according to topics (e.g. access, communication, development). This management system requires that the control measures are consistent with the identified risks.