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Fitcoin Ecosystems provides a digital platform (the It’s my life app) for companies and institutions to encourage their employees to walk more, bike more, and participate in health-promoting activities.

  • Easy-to-use health app for all employees
  • Participation on average 63%
  • Increase in physical activity behavior by an average of 30%.
  • Possibility to add your own content
  • Subscription for a fixed annual amount, including budget for premiums
  • Included: 5 masterclasses and webinars per year
  • Included: Dashboard for HR reports

Participating workers and companies are connected through the Fitcoin Ecosystems platform. This platform with associated app stimulates, motivates, inspires and rewards.

Every 1000 steps and 15 minutes of cycling are worth 1 Fitcoin®. By participating in activities, webinars and masterclasses you will also receive Fitcoins®. These are activities that you organize yourself, and you can also take advantage of webinars and masterclasses organized by Fitcoin Ecosystems.

Earned Fitcoins® are redeemed in the Fitcoin® catalog within the app for all kinds of rewards that contribute to better health, wellness and a vital organization.

The overall success of Fitcoin participants

savings employer*
savings society*

Want to learn more about the success of Fitcoin, or become part of this successful movement? We look forward to seeing you.

*Success figures 01.09.2020 – 01.09.2021 -12-month period under review
To calculate the profit from increasing physical activity, Fitcoin Ecosystems uses the calculation tool from Werken in Bewegung. Together with the scientific research office Decisio, Werken in Bewegung developed a calculation tool on behalf of the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport, This calculation tool is based on research by Decisio. It assumes a relatively inactive worker and the exercise norm of 150 minutes. Workers who exercise more before, during or after work are fitter, have less sick leave and higher work productivity.

and all can participate and benefit





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Let's change the system! and EVERYONE wins in the process

Healthy exercise 1 Fitcoin Ecosystems e.U.

We believe that we will only change behaviour by primarily changing the system, making healthy behaviour cheaper, easier, and more attractive than the unhealthy alternative. Where we make better use of existing offerings to increase participation, save money and avoid waste. A circulation system for health and well-being saves them money, creates loyalty, motivation and promotes health and joy of life.

Rewarding with Fitcoins® works

  • On average, 63% of your employees will actively start saving Fitcoins®.
  • The participants take an average of 1800 steps more per day,
    that is 20-25 minutes of exercise
  • The annual health gain per participant is €202.58*.
  • Fitcoin® savers feel more valued by their employer Higher participation from employees for whom a healthy and active lifestyle is less natural.

* According to the scientific study “The social cost of automobility, cycling and walking in the European Union”.

And you can participate as well.
Welcome to Fitcoin Ecosystems

Dr. Bernhard G. Förg

Marc Komrij


Generate loyalty

Promote health

Create rethinking

Promote commonality

Create joie de vivre

Increase profit

Promoting team spirit

in the spirit of the times

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Stimulieren sie ihre Teilnehmer mit Leichtigkeit
und Freude für körperliche und geistige Bewegung.  

Die FitCoin App unterstützt sie und ist ein perfekter Motivator.


Der FitCoin, als eine international ausgezeichnete Idee für Fanbildung, Employerbranding und nachhaltiges Brandmanagement zur Loyalitätsssteigerung bietet unzählige Möglichkeiten für ihre Vorhaben.

Werden sie mit FitCoin zum Lovemaker!


Über ein effizientes Belohnungssystem wie mit unserem international ausgezeichneten FitCoin Ecosystems, entsteht nach dem Stimulus-Response-Prinzip, ein allmählich dauerhaftes Reiz- und Reaktionsmuster, das das Leben erleichtert. 

Motivieren sie ihre Teilnehmer mit der FitCoin APP für mehr Gesundheit und Lebensfreude!


Das Schöne an unserem, von der EU ausgezeichneten FitCoin Modell ist, dass fast alle mitmachen können, alle dabei gewinnen können, es nachhaltig ist und wir für Alle ein neues System etablieren können. Gewinnen wir gemeinsam!

Die FitCoin APP erzeugt Mehrwerte

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Was bedeutet ISO 27001

ISO 27001 hilft dabei, ein Managementsystem für die Informationssicherheit einzurichten. Das Zertifikat gibt Ihnen die Gewissheit, dass wir Wert auf den Schutz der Privatsphäre legen und (persönliche) Daten mit Sorgfalt behandeln. Die Grundlage des Managementsystems ist eine Analyse der Risiken, die unsere Organisation im Hinblick auf Informationen eingeht. Um diese Risiken zu kontrollieren, wurden Maßnahmen entwickelt. Diese sind in ISO 27002 beschrieben und als Anhang in ISO 27001 enthalten.

Die insgesamt 114 Kontrollmaßnahmen sind nach Themen (z. B. Zugang, Kommunikation, Entwicklung) in 14 Kapitel untergliedert. Die Anforderung an dieses Managementsystem besteht darin, dass die Kontrollmaßnahmen mit den ermittelten Risiken in Einklang stehen.



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Stimulate your participants with ease
and joy for physical and mental movement.

The FitCoin App supports them and is a perfect motivator.


FitCoin, as an internationally awarded idea for fan education, employer branding and sustainable brand management to increase loyalty, offers countless possibilities for your projects.

Become a Lovemaker with FitCoin!


An efficient reward system such as our internationally awarded FitCoin Ecosystems uses the Stimulus-Response principle to create a gradually lasting stimulus and reaction pattern that makes life easier.

Motivate your participants with the FitCoin APP for more health and joy of life!


The beauty of our EU-awarded FitCoin model is that almost everyone can participate, everyone can win, it is sustainable and we can establish a new system for everyone. Let’s win together!

The FitCoin APP generates added value

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What does ISO 27001 mean

ISO 27001 helps to establish a management system for information security. The certificate gives you the assurance that we value privacy and treat (personal) data with care. The basis of the management system is an analysis of the risks our organization faces regarding information. Measures have been developed to control these risks. These are described in ISO 27002 and included as an annex in ISO 27001.

The total of 114 control measures are divided into 14 chapters according to topics (e.g. access, communication, development). This management system requires that the control measures are consistent with the identified risks.